I cannot believe this. Somebody needs to tell me this is some sort of sick joke.
I was going through the last of the student files today and what do I see? A folder labelled with that name in bold letters.
Why DAMMIT! Why is Hinamori here?! Why did she even accept the offer? Didn't she know what kind of crazy school this is? Didn't she watch the news? This is no ordinary school! People fight here, people die here, people go missing here.. Didn't she know this was no place for her? Hinamori couldn't hurt a fly! 

...okay maybe she could, but still, it doesn't count for much in surviving BFMI. What if something happens to her? 

Damn it.. someone please tell me it's only Matsumoto, so I can just go over and yell at her for pulling this bad joke =_=
[Private to Aizen Sousuke]
Aizen, we need to talk. Can I meet you in the 3rd floor kitchen at 10pm? Thanks.
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Stupid alcohol... I swear, that is the LAST time I'm laying hands on them.

To be perfectly honest, tonight's events didn't surprise me all that much... really, what else could be expected from this place anyway. But, even so, a completely unanticipated mass demon raid like that has never happened here before.. one or two stray ones, yes, but not in such a magnitude. It was almost a stampede. If it weren't for Levin and Soi Fong's barrier, we'd still have hell to fight.

Sigh... despite all of that, classes starting next week. I have the teachings and stuff mapped out, but I still need to take a look at the students' magic profile. Hopefully, this bunch would prove to be more attentive and less of a pain in the ass than the previous ones we've had.


Bowties need to die.

I can't believe I had to have Matsumoto help me... like some kid. For all the brains in here, I'm stumped by a damn bowtie.

Gah, in anycase, there isn't anymore time for anything else, I just need to find me that jacket...
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Contact info

[Consultation hours]

Mondays 3pm-5pm at room# 28, Haneda Building.

Thursdays 9am-12pm at room# 28, Haneda Building.


[Voice mail]

This is Hitsugaya. I’m not available to take your call now, so leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I can. And if it’s assignments, no, extensions will not be granted. Hand in your damn reports on time, it’s not even that long.




[Office ext.] 164


Class information [public]

To all BFMI students: This is the class info for Elementals, read up or else.

: Elementals 
Instructor: Hitsugaya Toushiro

Class time: Tuesdays 10-11am [basics]; Fridays 1-3pm [majors]
Venue: Hall# 2 -Haneda Building on Tuesdays, Tutorial room# 56 -Haneda Building on Fridays. Classes will be conducted on the magical practice grounds when needed.


General info:

-There is Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Air, Wood, and Earth. All students are required to know how to wield all 7 elements at least on a basic level. Intermediate and advanced studies are done for the elements that you’re specializing in.


-Majoring students need to specialize in at least 2 elements with a maximum of 4. Elective students will only have time to specialize in one, or a maximum of 2 elements.


-Below are the main topics and sequence that will be covered this year in Elementals. Depending on the topic, more important ones will go on for more weeks than others. The classes listed here will most likely cover a duration of about 3 years.


Basic Module

Topic 1: Introduction to Elementals

Topic 2: Choosing your Element (I don't care if you miss this class and end up picking the wrong element, that's your problem)

Topic 3: **Basic Elemental Theories and Control (be there or it's your ass)

Topic 4: Conductors and Elements

Topic 5: **Intermediate Theories and Control (be there or it's your ass)

Topic 6: Companions and Elements (if you don’t wanna end up maiming your pet every time you cast elements you’d better not miss this)

Topic 7: **Mastering an Element (be there or it's your ass)



Intermediate Module (to be confirmed)

Topic   8: Choosing and Acquiring a Sub-element

Topic   9: Sub-element Theories and Control

Topic 10: Achieving Balance and Harmony in between Elements

Topic 11: Conductors and Sub-elements

Topic 12: Companions and Sub-elements

Topic 13: Mastering a Sub-element


Advanced Module (to be confirmed)

Topic 14: Combining Multiple Elements

Topic 15: Alternating and Switching Elements

Topic 16: The Forbidden Elements



-There will be no tests, quizzes, or major assignments for this subject, just a bi-weekly elemental check, and a monthly performance evaluation.

-Majoring students will submit a simple 300-word study report every fortnight.

-Two exams will be held for this subject at the end of the semester -one on theories and one practical.


Basic textbook: Introduction to Elementals
Supplemental readings: Elemental Magic -our surrounding energies
Majoring textbook: Unlocking the Elements
Supplemental readings: Basic Elemental Theories and Research
Optional readings: History and Evolution of the Elements
                           Volumes of the Elemental Epics

Contact me if there's anything you don't get.


School reopening

[Private entry]

After that draining nightmare last year and now another comes... it's like this place is a disaster magnet.

The mass disappearance caused major shock, but somehow, I just get the feeling this semester isn't going to be any better than the last. And as if the school didn't have enough on its hands trying to crack the case, find the kids and holding back the media, now we have to reopen up the institute for intakes as well. It's just what we need -more kids, more trouble, more work. And now most of the teachers are stuck here swimming in mountains of last-minute enrolment paperwork.
What are the Bleach Factor dudes thinking? It's like they completely lost sense of judgement. Yamamoto-sensei should've voiced out our circumstances here during that emergency BF meeting, but for some reason he did not.
Sigh.. I worry for the students this sem. With the previous case yet unsettled, I am not even sure what the Institute plans on getting these new arrivals involved in. And another mass disappearance might be all it takes to send the BFMI and perhaps the Bleach Factor to an early grave. And by that time, I don't think even Ichimaru can perform any miracle to raise a dead school.
... I really can't wait till my contract is over. Half a year to go, maybe I should start counting down.