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Stupid alcohol... I swear, that is the LAST time I'm laying hands on them.

To be perfectly honest, tonight's events didn't surprise me all that much... really, what else could be expected from this place anyway. But, even so, a completely unanticipated mass demon raid like that has never happened here before.. one or two stray ones, yes, but not in such a magnitude. It was almost a stampede. If it weren't for Levin and Soi Fong's barrier, we'd still have hell to fight.

Sigh... despite all of that, classes starting next week. I have the teachings and stuff mapped out, but I still need to take a look at the students' magic profile. Hopefully, this bunch would prove to be more attentive and less of a pain in the ass than the previous ones we've had.


Well, when ya set such high standards for your students, it ain't wise expectin' great things from 'em.
.....Hn, you're not that lenient with them yourself, Ichimaru. Or so I've heard from a few Necromancy graduates.
Mm, maybe. But -- Hitsugaya-sensei oughta admit there's a whole lotta difference between makin' the wind blow when ya like, or makin' it snow in the middle o' the summer compared with raisin' the dead. Can never be too careful~

Are you saying I should be more lenient with my students, because Elementals is a simpler subject?
Coulda slept right through my elementals classes if I felt like it. But that woulda been awfully rude o' me, no?

Hopefully no one'll dare ta do that with Hitsugaya-sensei's classes.
...lets hope students like you only appear once every million lightyears.
Well that's one way o' puttin' it, ain't it?
It would seem that I missed more than I thought in opting out of the little get-together.

Annnnnnd, aren't you a little young to be drinking, Hitsugaya-sensei?
Aizen... well, I admit I kinda got a little carried away then. Nothing serious really..
I'm just making sure that you don't ruin that liver of yours too quickly~
Really, I didn't drink all that much. And I do not drink at all... under normal circumstances, that is.

August 2007

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