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I cannot believe this. Somebody needs to tell me this is some sort of sick joke.
I was going through the last of the student files today and what do I see? A folder labelled with that name in bold letters.
Why DAMMIT! Why is Hinamori here?! Why did she even accept the offer? Didn't she know what kind of crazy school this is? Didn't she watch the news? This is no ordinary school! People fight here, people die here, people go missing here.. Didn't she know this was no place for her? Hinamori couldn't hurt a fly! 

...okay maybe she could, but still, it doesn't count for much in surviving BFMI. What if something happens to her? 

Damn it.. someone please tell me it's only Matsumoto, so I can just go over and yell at her for pulling this bad joke =_=
[Private to Aizen Sousuke]
Aizen, we need to talk. Can I meet you in the 3rd floor kitchen at 10pm? Thanks.


Tsk, tsk Hitsugaya-san. I thought you were all about equal learning opportunities? What do you have against Miss Hina, hmm?
Oh, leave the poor boy alone, Urahara. He's just worried about his little friend.

It would indeed be a shame if the cute little thing wandered off and got eaten.
Uhm, sorry Urahara. Guess I'm.. not myself lately. She's just an old friend of mine, and I'm a little uptight about her coming to a place like this. That's all.

[Hehe, Hitsugaya actually made this a private entry cos it's not like him to vent this in public, so.. technically other characters aren't supposed to be able to read this XD But it's okay, I can make an exception for Urahara and Aizen <3 But don't go telling other characters ne~]
Of course we can talk, Toushirou. I'm free whenever you need me.

[Atsu's stayin' at my place tonight, so we might end up getting drunk or something... UH. PLUS, good news~ I'm getting my new computer put in tomorrow morning! ♥ I need to have Atsu clean it up and shit, but I'll have AIM back by Friday morning. ♥]
Thanks... I appreciate it.

[woooot FUN~ and no more craptop-ness!! Will catch you on AIM then <3 And I was thinking maybe we could do a short googly-doc for the little chat between Aizen and Shiro? I promise to play nice with the length this time XD]
][ ...>__> I miss Atsu. D: ][
][ By the way. I already knew it was private, but I'm a bad person so I just couldn't help myself. I meddle, remember? It's what I do best.
[Now that you mentioned it, I wouldn't be surprised if Urahara knew about these things XD
Just don't go letting anyone else know ♥

oh, and West Coast sounds sweet~! I'll be on at night, so I'll probably catch you then ^^]
Of course. You do seem a little off, anyway.

[Sexy. I'll be sure to wake up~]

August 2007

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